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This hospital was established in India in 1989. Dev Mundi spearheaded the campaign while funding for the hospital has been made possible by donations primarily by Canadians that belong to Village Kaddon. Sewa Punjab India is a charitable organization registered with the Government of Punjab, India. It is located in Village Kaddon, Punjab with visions of:

  • Early detection and treatment of blindness for children by expanding the service to schools in the catchment area;
  • Starting other health care education programs especially for women to prevent unnecessary ailments;
  • Initiating other vocational projects for greater employability of the poor;
  • Aiding bright students with fees for higher education


We have started a sewing and crochet centre in village Kaddon. This sewing training centre is aimed at young adolescent girls with little or no education, to give them enough training enabling them to become employable. There is a growing need for such trained personnel, whereas these girls from poor families cannot afford fees for privately-owned training facilities. Hence Sewa Punjab started with a group of 20 young ladies in the first batch. Sewa Punjab intends to expand the centre after reviewing the progress in the future.


Mundi holdings sponsors underprivileged children. We aid bright students with fees for higher education


Mundi Holdings established a computer training school in Khanna, Punjab. With affordable computer training facilities virtually non-existent, Dev Mundi recognized a widening employ-ability gap between rural and urban students. Mundi Holdings purchased 10 computers (and accessories) and made the donation to the Khanna Rotary Club, which has agreed to pay for the new facilities operating costs. The first semester commenced in April 2008.


In 2006, Mundi Holdings joined hands with an international charitable (non-profit) organization to facilitate services for people with unique needs. The organization assists thousands of people of all ages across Canada who has experienced mental and/or physical challenges. The organization also works with poor children in various regions around the globe.

The role of Mundi Holdings is to identify and procure physical space for the organization's programming requirements. It has been such a successful relationship, the initiative is now expanding to additional areas throughout the GTA.