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  • We are committed to developing strong relationships within our communities
  • We are committed to creating a positive work environment
  • We are committed to our residents' quality of life, comfort, care and security
  • We are committed to being socially responsible

OUR Mission

Mundi Holdings

To improve lives of our residents, inspire our staff and to give back to the community.


Building solutions using innovative and prudent investment practices has long been the foundation of our business. We have achieved steady growth in the senior's housing market. We have remained focused in the retirement residences sector. In this process, we have consolidated our residences to Central Ontario region. Mundi Holdings, with assets managed by sister company Rupa Management Ltd., is a family owned business operating since 1982.

Mundi Holdings has increasingly expanded its investment portfolio through the acquisition of prime commercial real estate ventures, including the recent purchase of the 55,000 square foot Carleton Place Plaza. Its tenants include Staples, TD Canada Trust and the LCBO to name a few. Mundi Holdings had owned and managed a number of hotels in British Columbia. Those properties were disposed in order to focus on the retirement sector and commercial properties in Ontario region.

It is our sense of community involvement and caring that defines Mundi Holdings. This is evident in our initiating many charitable projects.

Yes we are about senior's housing, property development and investments. But our true strength is accountability to the people who make us what we are - our EMPLOYEES, our RESIDENTS, our TENANTS and our COMMUNITIES. Mundi Holdings is proud to have a group of highly skilled individuals who are experts in their respective fields. Our team is passionate about excellence and strives to achieve superior results that have a far reaching impact on our service delivery. Our core values reflect the strength of the people who comprise Mundi Holdings. Our senior management team inspires their staff by example. They are committed to making a difference in the lives of each person they touch.




After completing master of arts in Public Administration in 1970, Dev Mundi worked with Federal government for 3 years. Subsequently, moving to Toronto he worked with Ontario Ministry of Finance for 13 years as an economist. He then decided to pursue his business interests culminating into the current business and investments interests.

Financial Manager